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Welcome to our little blog!  If you are new and not sure where to begin, why don't you start with this collection of popular and informative posts:

Who We Are and How We Can Do This Trip

Learn more about who Chris and I are in the post Who We Are.

How are we able to afford to travel?  Find out in the post Let's Talk Money.

Read about What We Did With All Our Stuff.

See what I'm bringing on this crazy adventure in my post, A Girl Nomad's Packing List.

Interesting Travel Posts From This Trip

Explore Camden Market (in London) with us at the beginning of our nomadic adventure!

Read about our experiences on the Camino de Santiago in Spain.

Chris and I went exploring an abandoned French village and took tons of photos.

Find out what a typical day as a Helpx volunteer in rural France was like.

Come along on our safari in Kenya!

See some snaps of Kampala (Uganda).

Learn about preparing food in rural Uganda.

See photos from when we hitchhiked in Zambia.

Read about how I was attacked by a baboon at Victoria Falls.

We made it to Cape Town

How To Posts (also called 'How on Earth Do You Do ___' posts) 
First Things to Do in a New Country (a backpacker's routine)

How to Stay (Almost) Anywhere For Free

Tips for Cheap Plane Tickets

Cheap Transportation While Traveling

A Rough Guide to Hitchhiking Part 1

A Rough Guide to Hitchhiking Part 2

A Rough Guide to Hitchhiking Part 3

Volunteer/HelpX (Help Exchange) FAQ

Nomadic Packing List in Review

Best Banks for Travelers and Nomads

Our finances, month-by-month as well as overall for the entire trip

How to Photo Edit with GIMP (the complete series, Articles 1-14)

Popular Posts About Past Travels

Watch a video of me Bungee Jumping in Switzerland.

Check out an animation and learn How To Make A Kindle Book Cover.

Read about our experiences on the Floating Raft Houses in Khao Sok National Park, Thailand.

See a Photo-Essay of My Trip to Morocco.

Hear about our experiences WWOOFing at an Organic Farm in Italy.