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  at 5:11 PM
Who This Site is For

 Nomadic Vignette is for people who are excited to see more of the world, or for people who are just excited about life.  It is for people looking for adventure, for artists seeking inspiration.  It is for people who want to live more deliberately, who want to follow their passions and break free from the 'but I should do ___' mindset.  It is for people who are trying to better themselves, for people who want to try.  Mainly, Nomadic Vignette is for people who want to follow us in our crazy adventures!

Who are Danalynn and Chris?

My name is Danalynn and I am a 20-something woman traveler.  I love art, great food, bright colors and fuzzy kittens.  Chris is my husband (he agrees with me about loving food, but is more so-so about the fuzzy kittens) and together we are constantly pulling each other to experience more out of life.  We both grew up in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, in Washington State, USA, and we both have traveled throughout Europe, Africa, Asia and North America.  We are excited (and a bit nervous) to be starting our new nomadic lifestyle this summer!

What topics will I see on Nomadic Vignette?

Nomadic Vignette will focus on the ups and downs of nomadic travel.  You will see funny stories, tragic bouts of bad luck, travel stories from before we were nomads and a regular breakdown of finances.  There will be a distinct focus on art, including sketches I create while traveling, featured travel artists, local art, experimental photography techniques, and many, many many GIF animations!  I hope that you will be entertained, informed and inspired by the content in this blog!