Nomadic Cost of Living: Total for 7 months

Thursday, March 1, 2012  at 3:29 PM
At the Natural History Museum in New York

Now that Chris and I are switching gears a bit, I was curious to see how much our nomad lifestyle cost us for the past seven months (although we traveled longer, we only kept track of the finances for 7 months!).

Our TOTAL cost (for both of us) for 7 months on the road: $7668

Our average cost per person per month (with airfare averaged in): $548

Our average cost per person per month (not including airfare): $360

Of that total cost, the vast majority went towards transportation.  In fact, let's break the total down into the four main categories I've used throughout this trip:

Transportation: $5043 (66%)

Housing: $240 (3%)

Food: $879.50 (11.5%)

Other: $1505.50 (19.5%)
    About $400 went to Visas
    About $200 went to Malaria medication
    About $100 went to Yellow Fever vaccinations
    The rest went to a mixture of fun stuff (safari, souvenirs, movies, replenishing art supplies) and not-so-fun
    stuff (internet cafe costs, buying supplies to fix our digital camera, visiting the doctor)


With this $7668, Chris and I visited three continents (Europe, Africa and North America), explored 13 countries, volunteered at 5 Help Exchanges, and stayed with countless Couchsurfing hosts (really, I tried counting them, but there are too many!).  We tried new foods including Thai soup made by our British hosts in France (it was amazing!), many cups of traditional British style tea made by our hosts in Germany, French crepes, innumerable new fruits--oh yes, and lots of ugali!

We've made many new friends, have had wonderful experiences and are excited for the next adventure!

Curious to see a month-by-month breakdown of our nomadic finances?  Just click here for the complete series of posts.
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