Transportation in South Africa

Wednesday, January 11, 2012  at 6:58 AM
south africa bus countryside by danalynn c
The view from our bus window traveling from Pretoria to George

Chris and I decided to opt for taking a bus in South Africa rather than hitchhiking for one main reason:  carjackings are fairly common, so most people will not chance picking up hitchhikers.  Not wanting to get stranded (or find ourselves in a dangerous situation), we opted instead for the absolute cheapest bus we could find--the City to City bus, the lesser-known and cheaper version of Translux (a relatively nice busline).  Intercape, the most well-known bus company, was more than twice the cost of the City to City bus.  However, we were still amazed at the quality of the so-called 'cheapest' bus--it was clean, the seats were comfy, there were frequent breaks at rest stops, it was air conditioned and a two movies played in the evening.  Compared to our literally falling apart bus which broke down in Tanzania, we felt like we were living the high life.  Not such a shabby alternative to hitchhiking after all!  Next stop: George, the coastline, and white sandy beaches!

Mining is a huge industry in South Africa and we passed by many mines on our 15-hour bus trip
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