Nomadic Cost of Living: December

Thursday, January 12, 2012  at 6:58 AM
In December, Chris and I tackled many new countries as we headed south.  We traded long stays in a single spot for long bus rides traversing new countries, and saw many novel sights!

Transportation Total: $221.50

Housing Total: $40

Food Total: $213

Other Items Total: $188.50
-$105 of this was on Visas

Total nomadic cost of living for October: $663

This month, Chris tackled Dengue Fever in Rwanda.

We also had a crazy 33-hour bus ride in Tanzania.

Monkeys and alligators were encountered in Malawi (I was pretty excited!).

I was attacked by a baboon at Victoria Falls (not as much fun as seeing the monkeys in Malawi).

After all this excitement, we ended the month with a calm visit to the countryside in Botswana.

hitchhike semi truck Zambia Africa
Hitchhiking in Zambia
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