Hiking in the Garden Route National Forest

Monday, January 23, 2012  at 6:58 AM
While volunteering in George, Chris and I took the opportunity to go hiking in the nearby Garden Route National Forest, which was beautiful!  The forest was a mix of indiginous tropical rainforest (you half expect Tarzan to come swinging along on a nearby vine) and neatly-planted pine forest that was cultivated for the logging industry.  Eucalyptus trees, an invasive species, also appeared frequently and gave a distinctive sharp fragrance to the area.

A chameleon that we found on the road--Chris almost stepped on it since it was blended so well with its surroundings!

Exploring the indigenous forest on a small trail.  We were carefree until we stumbled across a puff adder in the middle of the trail, then we were much more cautious...

Chris right after his near-death encounter with the puff adder

After our scare with the venemous snake in the forest, we decided to leave the small forest trails and hike to the top of a nearby hill.  These beautiful flowers blanketed the top of the hill

Hiking back at the end of the day through the cultivated pine forests, content with our day's explorations
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