Finishing Botswana in Gabarone

Monday, January 2, 2012  at 6:58 AM
We decided to split our trip down to Gabarone into two day, stopping in Ghanzi for a one-night couchsurf in between.  Unfortunately, when we arrived in Ghanzi we were unable to get in contact with our host, which left us with few options in the small town.  The single hotel was, unfortunately, quite expensive, so we resigned ourselves to camping (hello, mosquitoes) and, finding ourselves wandering in a residential part of town, asked a lady if we could sleep in her yard.  She said yes, but after a bit of further consideration changed her answer to no--instead, we could stay in the empty house of her boyfriend across the street, because the mosquitoes would eat us alive if we stayed outside.  Thrilled, we found ourselves sleeping on a couch for the night before we continued on in the early morning to Gabarone.

hitchhiking botswana africa
An early morning leaving Ghanzi, starting our journey hitchhiking to Gabarone

Gabs (as the locals call it) was a bit of a shock to our system, as it is an extremely developed and modern place.  Much of it looks like upscale America, with paved streets, indoor shopping malls and nice houses.  While there, we stayed with a fantastic host, saw a wonderful play (our host was the director, which was amazing) and enjoyed an early-morning hike.  It was a lovely way to finish our time in Botswana before we crossed the border into our last African country: South Africa!

Our view of downtown Gabarone from the top of the hill we climbed

After a successful hike to the top of this hill (aka a pile of large rocks)
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