An Average Helpx Day (with horses!)

Monday, January 16, 2012  at 6:58 AM
Chris and I decided that a Helpx would round out our time in Southern Africa, so we decided to work on a horse ranch, helping out with guided horse tours, in the Garden Route of South Africa.  Here was a typical day for us:

6:00AM--Wake up and get ready to start the day!

george africa horse ranch backpack helpx
Walking to grab the horses for the day (here, from left to right, we have Calico, Aladdin and Ben)

7:30AM--Walk to the neighboring field to grab the horses we needed to feed that day.  A few horses were fed every day, while most were only fed if they were being ridden (all spent much of their time grazing).

 8:30AM--Start brushing and tacking up the horses that were going out on a ride in the morning.

george africa horse ranch backpack helpx
A waterfall that crossed the road in the Garden Route National Park--this was the endpoint of one of the horseback rides

9:00AM--Either lead a tour on horseback through the Garden Route National Park or help out with daily chores (cleaning, caring for tack, refilling supplies).

12:00PM--The ride is finished, so it's time to untack the horses, turn them loose to graze and prepare lunch.

george africa horse ranch backpack helpx
Our grass was getting long, so we set some of the horses to graze on our front lawn!

1:00PM--Grab the horses for the afternoon ride and start brushing and tacking up.

george africa horse ranch backpack helpx
Oiling tack was a great afternoon activity, since it could be done in the cool and shady stables
2:00PM--Again, either go on a ride or help with chores (ideally in the shade to avoid the scorching afternoon sun).

5:00PM--Afternoon rides are done and now the horses become excited, since it's their dinner time.

6:00PM--Horses are away, the stables are locked up, it's now time to prepare our dinner!

george africa horse ranch backpack helpx
The end of a long day on the ranch
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