When Hotels Fail You in Zambia

Wednesday, December 21, 2011  at 6:58 AM
entering zambia countryside
The countryside, entering Zambia.  

From Lilongwe, Malawi, our next planned destination was Lusaka, Zambia.  However, these cities were just far enough away from each other that traveling from one to the other in one day would be practically impossible.  Therefore we decided to break up our trip with a stop in Chipata, just over the border in Zambia.

Our game plan, as it had been for several other unknown African cities, was to arrive and find a cheap hotel for the night before continuing our journey in the morning.  Unfortunately, much to our dismay, the cheapest hotel was out of our projected price range ($20 for the absolute cheapest room, compared to the $6 a night that we had been used to paying).

We were unwilling to shell out the $20 for the night (cheapskates that we are), so we found ourselves wandering a neighborhood, brainstorming our options.  Much to our delight, we ran into a nice Scottish ex-pat family who offered to let us sleep on their floor (better than our alternative option of finding a place to camp and then possibly getting eaten alive by mosquitoes). 

Bright and early the next morning we packed up our bags and left towards Lusaka.  Onwards!

sunrise zambia
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