Trading Tanzania for Malawi

Friday, December 16, 2011  at 6:58 AM
Our final few days in Tanzania were spent recovering from our epic ordeal of a bus ride.  We enjoyed roasted cassava and maize from road-side stands, walked around the small town of Mbeya, listened to vans blaring loud Nigerian music to the streets and generally gave our backsides a rest.  Before we knew it, however, it was time to enter a new country--Malawi!

Mzuzu Malawi Road Africa by Danalynn C
An early morning bus ride into Malawi 

Our general plan-of-attack with entering a new country is to catch local transport to the border, walk across, then catch more local transport to our final destination.  By walking across the border ourselves, we generally save money on 'international' bus rides as well as gain security in knowing that our bus isn't going to leave without us as we are caught up in immigration.  Lucky for us, entering Malawi was easy and within hours we were enjoying hot shish-kebabs delivered to us through the window of our Malawian bus.

Mzuzu Malawi Road Africa by Danalynn C
The main road in Malawi

There is really only one highway--really only one main road--in Malawi, which runs North to South.  This made finding local transportation very easy.

Mzuzu Malawi Road Africa by Danalynn C
Mzuzu, our first town in Malawi--Malawi was even more rural than much of Tanzania!

Mzuzu Malawi Flower Tree Africa by Danalynn C
We loved walking around and seeing this brilliant red-flowering trees!
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