Ridiculous Sights in Lusaka, Zambia

Monday, December 26, 2011  at 6:58 AM
twenty billion zimbabwean dollars

 1. Vendors everywhere were selling Zimbabwean currency.  This is a TWENTY BILLION dollar note, worth approximately $0.10 (my wild guess).  These notes are no longer used as the country switched to using the United States Dollar as the official currency, due to the uncontrolled inflation (seen in the billion and trillion dollar bills).  Since the Zimbabwean dollar is no longer used, its value has actually increased as hawkers are now selling it as a souvenir!

lusaka zambia

2.   The disparity in the different parts of town was incredible--and, ironically enough, directly proportionate to the amount of empty Shake Shake containers (a super cheap type of liqueur/beer made from sorghum or maize).  Here, on the right side of the train tracks is the nice, clean downtown area, while on the left side of the tracks is the more run-down, dirty area (featuring plenty of Shake Shake containers).

vendor selling puppies lusaka zambia

3. The street vendors were much more creative in their street selling attempts in Lusaka--this man was juggling several different puppies that he was trying to sell to cars at a stoplight.  We also saw people selling board games, bags of tomatoes, and children's toys!
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