Hitchhiking in Zambia

Friday, December 23, 2011  at 6:58 AM
Ok, let's talk about Hitchhiking.  It's a crazy ordeal, only for hippies, fraught with danger, right?  Hitching in Africa is tantamount to asking to be mugged and/or killed, right?  WRONG.  Hitchhiking in much of Africa is a very common means of transport, used by travelers and locals alike, and is generally regarded as faster, safer, cheaper and more comfortable than the buses.  When Chris and I traveled from Chipata to Lusaka, we caught a hitch in the back of an open-bed truck and were amazed at how much more interesting the ride was!  (Also, how dusty it was!)

hitchhiking Zambia africa
Relaxing in the bed of the truck, settling in for the 10.5 hour ride 

hitchhiking zambia africa
Soon we were joined by all sorts of other hitchers, including a group of women transporting over 20 crates of mangoes and this guy who was moving several large bags of potatoes  

river zambia africa
Passing over a river which was very low due to the current dry season

mangoes road vendor Zambia Africa
Every time the truck stopped we would get swarmed by food vendors.  These mango vendors were selling about 30 mangoes for $1 USD!
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