Dengue Fever in Rwanda

Wednesday, December 7, 2011  at 6:58 AM
Chris and I ended up having drastically different experiences in Rwanda.  While I frolicked around town, going hiking, perusing open air markets and haggling for endless quantities of passion fruit and papaya, Chris ended up coming down with Dengue Fever.  After a mostly useless visit to the main hospital in Kigali, followed by a much more useful session of internet research, we found out that the only treatment for Dengue Fever is staying hydrated and resting for one to two weeks.  Luckily, we were Couchsurfing with a fantastic host in Kigali, so Chris hunkered down and became well acquainted with our host's supply of movies while I explored the town. 

Rwanda Africa Window by Danalynn C
Chris' primary view of Rwanda--via the window of our Couchsurf.

One of the local clinics which offers Malaria testing, which we were initially afraid Chris had contracted despite taking anti-Malarial medication.  Luckily (or not so much) it was Dengue Fever, not Malaria, that Chris had caught.

Rwanda Africa Hike by Danalynn C
While Chris was bed-ridden, I went on a lovely hike with our host and one of his friends.  Here, we stopped to take a break and enjoy the lovely view of Kigali in the distance. 

Rwanda Africa Hike by Danalynn C
Lovely view down the mountain we climbed!  

I love seeing the different vegetation wherever we travel.  This was a huge plant that towered over me with fern-like fronds, which I found as I explored a residential neighborhood near downtown Kigali.
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