Clean Streets in Kigali, Rwanda

Monday, December 5, 2011  at 6:58 AM
street cleaner kigali rwanda by Danalynn C
One of the many street cleaners, whose job it is to keep the public areas spic and span!

Before coming to Rwanda, we asked several of our Couchsurfing hosts in Uganda if they had been and what they thought of it.  To our surprise, the overwhelming responses were "very very clean" and "very very expensive."

trees streets kigali rwanda by Danalynn C
The beautifully-tailored grass and trees in the median between the lanes in downtown Kigali

Upon arriving, we found that yes, Kigali was by far the cleanest big city we've been in since leaving Europe and yes, prices here varied wildly from being more expensive than western Europe prices (for cereal, chicken, crackers and some souvenir-type items) to being much cheaper (for fruits, veggies and sodas).  Both are due, in part, to the outpouring of international aid after the genocide in the 90s.  While we were there we readjusted our eating habits to fit in with the cheaper options and set in to enjoy the clean city!

gate kigali rwanda by Danalynn C
There are beautiful touches throughout the city, like the intricate ironwork on this gate
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