Backpacking into Tanzania

Tuesday, December 13, 2011  at 4:58 AM
Tanzanian Border Africa by Danalynn C
At the Rwandan/Tanzanian border in No-Mans-Land (we've officially left Rwanda but have not yet passed immigration to enter Tanzania)

Tanzanian Waterfall Africa by Danalynn C
This waterfall existed smack-dab in the middle of No-Mans-Land--a fun surprise and a change from the usual hum-drum combination of roads, semi-trucks and money-converters. 

Tanzanian Market Africa by Danalynn C
First impressions of Tanzania?  MUCH more hectic than Rwanda!  While Rwanda was a clean, orderly country, Tanzania was a riot of colors, smells and small towns. 

Tanzanian Shops Africa by Danalynn C
Our first town was Shinyanga, in northern Tanzania, which boasted a friendly small-town atmosphere

Tanzanian Lizard Africa by Danalynn C
I particularly enjoyed the plethora of large lizards who congregated on the warm cement

Surrounding Shinyanga were many rice fields--despite this, local businesses still only served ugali or french fries, not rice, much to our disappointment

Overall verdict for Tanzania?  We like it!
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