Two Months Backpacking Africa

Wednesday, November 30, 2011  at 6:58 AM
This post marks the two month period from when Chris and I entered Africa--it's crazy for me to think that we've been exploring this new place for two months already!  To celebrate, I made a list of funny things I've noticed while we've been here...

backpacking africa
1. Our tan lines have truly reached the ridiculous stage.  Since Chris and I wear basically the same thing every day, plus we're in the sun every day, it doesn't matter how much sunscreen we slather on--the tan lines are bold and bizarre!

african papaya
2. The fruit here is always new and interesting.  I really like papayas, however the papayas here are not the small ones I saw in America--no, these ones are (on average!) the size of an American football, often larger!

expensive africa cereal
3. Pricing is wildly all over the place.  This is an EIGHTEEN DOLLAR box of Kellogg's cereal, while we usually purchase lunch for around $1 USD for both of us.

street vendor rwanda africa
4. Street vendors are very persistent, which can be annoying until the exact moment when you want something, then it's like "hey!  Chocolate-covered zebra-shaped wafers, that's exactly what I'm looking for!" or even "hey!  A matching three-piece wicker lawn furniture set, that's exactly what I'm looking for!"

Cooking Lunch
5. Things I no longer take for granted at any place we're staying (including entire towns): electricity, running water, internet access, garbage control, developed roads, kitchens that are more than a fire and ATMs.

sunset lake victoria kisumu kenya
The sunsets here are so pretty--here's to more fun in the upcoming months in Africa!
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