Musings on Technology in Kenya

Wednesday, November 2, 2011  at 6:58 AM

reading kindle kenya africa
Chris reading the Kindle in the doorway of our mud hut in rural Kenya

Technology is a bit funny so far in Kenya, at least in the areas where we have been.  Even though almost every person has a cell phone, most of them at least somewhat fancy (many of the phones have cameras), the sight of most other types of technology is greeted with stares and incomprehension.  Bringing out a camera on the street may be ignored, but more often than not people will notice and remember that you have a camera—children in particular seem to want their picture taken and then will want to see it on the screen, and people of all ages won’t hesitate to ask you for a ‘snap’ or a print of a photo if you take one of them or with them.   

My Ipod (an original shuffle, very much outdated) is largely unrecognized and I am ever thankful that I made a case for our Kindle that looks like a regular book, so we can read it in public places without people realizing what it is (for the most part).  The main impact on me has been to make me feel somewhat reluctant to snap photos of everyday events—what I usually love taking photos of!   

Kisumu Kenya Africa Sunset
Admiring a sunset over Lake Victoria

The benefit, however, is taking away some of our reliance on technology and forcing us to use other means to entertain ourselves and remember our experiences.  I notice that I have been relying much more on writing down my experiences rather than taking photographs, plus my sketchbook has earned even more of my time.  It’s funny how different environments can provoke a change in activities that usually you might consider completely unrelated!
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