Kisumu: The Just-Right Town

Friday, November 4, 2011  at 6:58 AM
Much like the proverbial Goldilocks, it was only after we went to Nairobi (too big) and Risunga (too small) that we found Kisumu (just right!).  Kisumu is a medium-sized city in western Kenya and, in sharp contrast to elsewhere in Kenya, appeared clean, cheerful, and bustling but not overwhelming.  The people there were friendly, not pushy, and there were just enough other foreigners so we didn’t get gawked at for being white while walking down the streets.

Favorite memories:

sunset lake victoria kisumu kenya
Watching the sunset over Lake Victoria as it turned the water golden

cooking kenyan food kisumu kenya
Making traditional Kenyan food with our Couchsurfing host

animal market kisumu kenya
Hanging out in a variety of parks (and watching an early-morning animal market!)

Not-so-great memories:

fish ugali kisumu kenya
Getting scammed at a restaurant and having to pay an exorbitant sum of money (for a grand total of $12 USD for a lunch, instead of $4 USD that we had been expecting).  This was partly due to our stupidity, however, as we didn’t check the price of the exact dish we ordered before we ordered it (so we couldn’t argue the inflated price)—lesson learned!

sunset lake victoria kisumu kenya
Narrowly missing falling into the gutters innumerable times.  This sounds silly, but the gutters in Kisumu are about five feet deep, one to three feet wide, and could also appear as random holes in the sidewalk—at one point we came across a three feet by two feet hole (it was about five feet deep) in the middle of our sidewalk.  No warning, no signs, just random traps throughout the city.  However, lucky for us, we never actually fell in one of these holes!  I don't have a photo of these crazy death-traps, unfortunately, so it's another sunset photo this time!

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