Adventure Back to Civilization in Uganda

Wednesday, November 23, 2011  at 6:58 AM
hiking rural uganda
A hike we did on one of our last days in rural Uganda

Getting to the rural village had been an adventure itself—bus, then motorcycle, then boat, then an hour’s hike—but leaving the village proved to be its own brand of trickiness as once we arrived in the village we discovered that instead of having a tidy sum of cash, we were practically out.  This nasty surprise left us with few options for leaving the village, as there were no ATMs (the closest ATM was back in town).  Even though we took a boat when arriving, the village was (thankfully!) not on an island and was in fact connected to the mainland, albeit by a long and wiggly road. 

A quick conference with our Couchsurfing host reveled that walking was possible but would take upwards of eight hours, making it not my favorite option.  Hitchhiking would be unlikely due to the lack of cars in the poor Ugandan farmlands.  The boat required payment upfront, making it impossible for us to return in the manner we came.  Seeing our growing commitment to walking, our host told us that he would ask around and see if there were any other options.
mist uganda morning
Early mist, the morning we left the rural village

There was one, which is how we found ourselves sliding down steep, muddy trails at 5:30 in the morning as we headed towards a rendez-vous with a car.  Lucky for us, our host knew someone who was driving back to the town and would let us pay at the end of the trip (after we found an ATM).  The early morning mist clung to the damp trees and wound around our feet, concealing the churned mud from the heavy rains the night before.  The small, four-door car had only six seats, but that didn’t stop eleven people from cramming in—apparently we weren’t the only ones who wanted to go to town that morning!  With a jerk and a moan, the car started the long bumpy journey down to town.  Cramped and thrown about as we were, Chris and I were still thrilled with our luck—no eight hour walks today!

uganda farmlands
Goodbye Ugandan farmlands!
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