Typical Helpx Work

Wednesday, October 5, 2011  at 6:58 AM
Cutting Carrots France by Danalynn C

Helpx work tends to vary quite a bit from host to host, and even with the same host!  At our current Helpx, our skills are mainly being used for construction work (Chris) and gardening (me).  The family we are with try to be as self-sufficient as they can, which means that the summer months are filled with gardening, canning and freezing.  Today, my day started off with several hours of gardening and harvesting carrots.   

While many American grocery stores only stock one kind of carrot (the orange kind), in the garden I harvested yellow carrots, white carrots, purple carrots and, yes orange carrots.  After pulling these up, I took the greens off and fed them to the caged rabbits, who were very excited about the new treats.  Before taking anything inside, the carrots had to be washed well with the garden tap.  

After being quickly cleaned, the carrots were brought inside where they had to be washed again with the inside tap to make sure that all the dirt was removed.  Next, time to chop!  Each carrot had to be cut into thin slices, and with over twenty pounds of carrots (not even all the carrots in the garden) this took awhile.  At this point, my main job as a Helpxer with the carrots was mainly complete, so forgive me if I’m a bit fuzzy on the next steps!

Canning Yellow Carrots France by Danalynn C
Once the entire bin of carrots was chopped, the jars and lids had to be sterilized with boiling water.  Packing the carrots tightly into the jars was a refreshingly quick job, followed by filling the jars with water and a bit of salt, screwing the lids on and placing them all into the jar sterilizer (a large pot with a lid that is placed on the hot stove and filled with the closed jars of carrots).

With the carrots complete, my attention turned to various other jobs that needed doing: peeling apples for apple-grape sauce, helping with dinner, and working at the (never ending) pile of dishes.  All in all, not too bad for a full day of Help exchange volunteering!

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