Small French Villages

Monday, October 3, 2011  at 6:58 AM
French Bourbonne Sign by Danalynn C
A sign to a small French village we explored early one morning

One of the great parts about volunteering via Helpx are the fun little day-trips that you can take.  I love exploring the "must-see" local places and enjoying a slower pace of travel.  Recently, Chris and I traveled to a cute little French village which was enthusiastically recommended to us by our Helpx host as being very pretty.  We walked around, did some errands and enjoyed seeing the hustle and bustle of a small french town.

Carrefour Cows France by Danalynn C
The reason for our trip--the Carrefour supermarket!  We were amused by the field of cows immediately behind the huge grocery store

Chris Walk Ledge by Danalynn C
Exploring a huge, old wall that surrounded the town

French House View by Danalynn C

Relaxing in a park overlooking the town

under french archway by Danalynn C
Exploring the park--it still amazes me how old many of the buildings in France are!

French Old Building by Danalynn C
We enjoyed the sunshine as we walked around.  The weather here can be quite fickle and we've had many overcast days, so it was nice to get a bit of Vitamin D while we could!

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