Goodbye Europe, Hello Africa!

Friday, October 7, 2011  at 6:58 AM
After finishing our time at the Helpx in rural France, Chris and I managed to hitchhike up to Luxembourg.  We were on our way to Bonn, Germany, to spend a few days with a good friend before our flight to Kenya.  We spent several fantastic hours in Luxembourg admiring the intricate architecture, the big-city feel somehow contained in such a small place and, above all, how clean the entire city was.  It was a Sunday and downtown Luxembourg was almost deserted, with only a few people in the parks or cafes.

walking in park bonn germany by Danalynn C
Enjoying a park in Bonn, Germany

Later that evening we arrived in Bonn, having hitchhiked to a nearby town and then taken the rail for the last fifteen kilometers.  It was lovely to see a familiar face and to be able to rest for a few days!  We walked around Bonn, saw the sights, but much of our time was spent reading, sketching, catching up on old TV shows and visiting with our friend.

haribo store bonn germany  by Danalynn 
Haribo Factory Store!

The most interesting (and most memorable) activity we did in Bonn was to visit the Haribo factory store!  Haribo is a popular German brand of candy, famous for its gummie bears and other chewy candies.  Entering this store was a bit overwhelming, as it sold every type of Haribo candy currently made.  The store itself was large, with one section devoted to the history of the Haribo company.  Bags of Haribo candies lined the shelves, with everything from pirate-themed gummies to candies in the shapes of animals and more.  Chris and I opted to buy a bag of mix-and-match candy by weight, where we chose two of almost every type of Haribo candy!  Even so, our total did not even pass five Euros (about $7), money well-spent given how much joy that little bag of treats has given us.  

eating candy outside haribo store bonn germany by Danalynn C 
Eating Haribo candy while sitting outside the store

Early the next morning we started on our long trip to Kenya!
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