Daily Food in Kenya

Monday, October 24, 2011  at 6:58 AM
The food in Kenya has been very different than what I'm used to--I'm having fun trying the many new dishes!

A standard Kenyan breakfast always includes tea.  This is one of the many lasting impacts Great Britain has left on this former colony.  Whether with milk or ginger (but always sweetened), tea is a staple of breakfast.  With the tea you will find either a pile of warm mandazis (a type of fried dough, rather like an unsweetened doughnut), or a loaf of white bread to be eaten with jam or butter.

Lunch and dinner feature similar items and almost always include ugali (a maize-based dough) and beans.  Ugali is often eaten with sumuka, which is shredded kale which has been cooked, sometimes with slivers of other vegetables.  After having ugali for two meals a day, for countless days, rice can be a real treat!  

My favorite activity, however, is eating the many new fruits; the smooth and mellow papaya, the sweet and crunchy passionfruit and the tasty sugarcane are all new favorites!

cooking ugali nairobi kenya by Danalynn C
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