Why I Love Taking the Train in Germany

Wednesday, September 14, 2011  at 6:58 AM
Backpacks on Train by Danalynn C

Our month of working at the Helpx in Germany has finished and Chris and I are on our way back to France!  We took the train there and ruminated over the many reasons why we are in love with German trains...

1. Watching the countryside pass by out of the window

2. Waiting on the platform and knowing the exact minute my train will leave

3. People watching the different types of people taking the train: the squabbling students, the sleepy commuters, the excited day-trippers and the nervous new tourists

4. Smelling the abundance of kebab stands that cluster around the train stations

5. Hearing the babble of unintelligible German announcements and guessing which ones are related to my train (ok, not so much something that I love, but I do feel a sense of satisfaction when I recognize a word or two!)

6. Seeing all the different types of trains: passenger trains, cargo trains, old and new (but all running perfectly on time)

7. Knowing that I will step on the train in one city and step off somewhere completely different and exciting

Are there specific reasons why you love trains in other countries?

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