Revisiting Strasbourg

Wednesday, September 21, 2011  at 6:58 AM
When Chris and I had the chance to spend a few days in Strasbourg while Couchsurfing with a friend, we took it.  We had already been backpacking in Strasbourg a few weeks prior, so for this trip we concerned ourselves less with running around and seeing all of the sights.  Instead, we found ourselves relaxing in several different parks, catching up on some reading and soaking up some welcome summer sun.

Grand total of things done on our first day in Strasbourg:

1. Walked downtown, stocked up on some art supplies and ogled new camping gear at the outdoors store

2. Enjoyed a farmers market in front of the cathedral

Market Strasbourg by Danalynn 

3. Reminded ourselves why the Strasbourg church is so awesome

Side of Strasbourg Church by Danalynn C

4. Relaxed in a park (I sat in front of this statue for about two hours)

Alsace Statue Strasbourg by Danalynn C

5. Got really excited about seeing actual Alsace storks

Strasbourg Stork by Danalynn C

Grand total of things done on our second day in Strasbourg:

 1. Walked to the European Council building, admired the flags

Strasbourg European Council by Danalynn C

2. Sat in a small park downtown and enjoyed the music of this street musician (I sketched while Chris read)

Strasbourg Street Musician by Danalynn C

3. Decided that we needed a change of view, so we went to a different park where we sat for several more hours
Strasbourg Park by Danalynn C

4. Enjoyed a lovely evening with our friend before our early-morning departure the next day!
Strasbourg Sunset Roofs by Danalynn C

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