Photo-Essay: Tour of Waldshut, Germany

Wednesday, September 7, 2011  at 6:58 AM
archer statue waldshut tiengen germany by Danalynn C
Crossing the bridge at the entrance of the town Waldshut, a city in southern Germany.

germany city archway by Danalynn C
To enter the town you must cross under this archway.  There were two main archways, located at either end of the main street in the town.

cheerful german town waldshut tiengen by Danalynn C
It was a bright and cheerful day in Waldshut.

ram statue germany by Danalynn C
 I enjoyed this large and elaborate fountain, complete with rams spitting water and horses with water coming out of their nostrils (seen in the background here).

children playing by a fountain in germany waldshut tiengen by Danalynn C
Given how hot it was, it's not surprising that many of the children also enjoyed the fountain!

 germany  waldshut tiengen building faces  by Danalynn C
 The buildings were elaborately carved with floral designs and (somewhat creepy) faces.

 germany waldshut tiengen flags building  by Danalynn C
 Continuing down the main street, most of the buildings were covered in brightly colored flags, although I'm not sure if there was a reason behind it!

 construction in waldshut tiengen german town by Danalynn C
It's only a brief detour off the main street to check out the construction.

 swan sign in waldshut tiengen germany by Danalynn C
My brief foray into the (one) side street complete, I turn to go back to the main street but my attention was caught by this intricate sign on the side of a building.

 main street in a small german town waldshut tiengen by Danalynn C
I join the Germans resting in the shade as I sketch for a few hours in the early afternoon heat.

 Rhine Animation Closeup waldshut tiengen by Danalynn C
Of course I have to pop down to the Rhine before I leave--I am tickled that the houses across the river are located in Switzerland, not Germany (the border runs along the Rhine by Waldshut Tiengen).  

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