Nomadic Packing List in Review

Tuesday, September 27, 2011  at 6:58 AM
Danalynn Pyrenees By Danalynn C
Hiking across the Pyrenees with everything in the pack on my back

I have been traveling for three months now and my gear has switched around a bit.  Here is my original packing list; let's review how it has been holding up after several months of travel.

Items No Longer in My Pack
-Nalgene water bottle: This was lost in my first flight and I never bothered to replace it, as Chris had a Camelback as well as an extra water bottle.
-Most of my makeup: I barely used my makeup at all and finally tossed most of it before Chris and I started hiking the Camino de Santiago.  I kept my eyeliner and blush (both very small and light) and rarely use even those
-One of my short sleeve shirts: This was lost while we were hiking the Camino de Santiago and I was able to replace it with a shirt given to me at our Helpx in Germany
-One pair of socks: These were also lost in Spain (leaving early in the morning led to a variety of items left on a laundry line), and were replaced with a cheap pair bought in Germany

Items Added to My Pack
-Additional art supplies: I have been much more artistically productive than I expected and decided to stock up on some of my art supplies

Items Rarely Used
-Earplugs: I usually sleep soundly and have never used any earplugs
-Eye mask: I used this once when taking a nap on the Camino de Santiago.  Most of the nomadic packing lists recommend earplugs and eye masks for sleeping in hostels, but Chris and I have mainly been camping or volunteering via Helpx, both of which have relatively peaceful sleeping environments

Unexpectedly Useful Items
-Dress: I love having a dress to toss on for slow days, to make me feel less like a perpetual traveler and more like a real person (especially when just touring a city), and to wear when it's very hot out.  The dress I brought also layer really well!
-Slip-on Sandals: I have used these in showers, plus it's nice to have a pair of shoes I can just shove my feet into without worrying about laces or anything

Do you have any unexpected must-have items for your packing lists?

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