Nomadic Cost of Living: August

Tuesday, September 6, 2011  at 6:58 AM
This month was filled with big expenses, including our plane tickets to Kenya (for October!), some necessary vaccinations, and some pre-planned trips to visit friends.  Let's see what our cost of living was for August.

$1122-Transportation Total
    $960-Tickets to Nairobi, Kenya, for the beginning of October
    $162-Transportation around Europe, including train tickets, bus tickets and Chris visiting a friend in Germany

$101-Housing Total 
    Including several nights in Pilgrims Hostels in Spain and a hotel in Strasbourg when we arrived late at night.  For most of the month we had free lodging via Helpx and Couchsurfing.

$108-Food Total
    Various snacks, meals and tasty treats!

$294-Other Items
    This month, this included Yellow Fever vaccinations for Chris and I in preparation for our trip to Africa, plus some fantastic souvenirs that we are shipping back to the US.

Nomadic Cost of Living for the month of August: $1625
Not including plane tickets: $665

While this is more than our nomadic cost of living for July, we did travel through three countries this month!  Plus, we are getting ready for the trip to Africa, which is bound to cost us a bit more in preparations. 

Chris and I started the month hiking from France into Spain.
In Spain, we hiked the Aragones section of the Camino de Santiago.
We then made our way up to Strasbourg, enjoying several days simply being tourists.
The rest of the month was spent volunteering at a Helpx in the Black Forest, Germany
We can't forget our experiences hand-feeding the German deer.
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germany building flags flying waldshut by Danalynn C
A cute small town, Waldshut, in Germany!
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