Hiking in the Black Forest

Friday, September 2, 2011  at 6:58 AM
Chris and I have fallen into a comfortable routine at our Helpx in the Black Forest.  This is a photo-essay of a fairly typical day for us!

German Geraniums by Danalynn C

We wake up each morning to the bright sunlight streaming through the windows.  Most windows have geranium planter boxes and the flowers are cheerfully in bloom.

hotel chairs by Danalynn C
After a filling German breakfast (rolls, cheese, meat, yogurt and fruit), Chris and I part ways to do work around the guest house for several hours.  I usually clean rooms after guests leave, while Chris either paints window frames (if it's sunny) or helps me (if it's raining).

titisee house by Danalynn C
The family is going to a nearby town, Titisee, for an antique market.  Since Chris and I have the afternoon off, we decide to tag along.  Titisee is an extremely cute but very touristy small town, right on the edge of a lake.

titisee sign by Danalynn C
We have fun walking through Titisee--some of the signs and storefronts are beautiful!

titisee shop by Danalynn C
Our host family drives back to the guest house while Chris and I enjoy a local wurst.  We have decided to hike back instead of drive, given the beautiful weather and scenery.  Germany is filled with hiking trails and they are all well-marked; it's possible to hike throughout the entire country, to big cities as well as tiny mountain towns.

titisee beach by Danalynn C
The hike leads us around the lake--campers are out in force and it is obvious that everyone is taking advantage of the warm weather!

danalynn hiking titisee by Danalynn C
The trails are very spacious and taken care of.  Given the temperature, I decided to rock both a dress and my hiking boots; given the popularity of mountain hiking in the Black Forest, no one gave my outfit a second look.

Chris Flower Field by Danalynn C
The plush fields are very tempting and we stop for a break half-way back.

Grass Closeup by Danalynn C
(I enjoy taking photos of the grass and various bugs while Chris naps)

hotel flowers entry by Danalynn C
Four hours of hiking later, we arrive back at the guest house--just in time for dinner! 
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