Exploring Frieburg on a Layover

Monday, September 19, 2011  at 6:58 AM
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When Chris and I are traveling from one place to another, we love scheduling layovers that are long enough to go out and spend a bit of time exploring a new place.  Beyond being able to visit another location, these layovers help to break up our travel times!  As we were traveling from our Helpx in the Black Forest to Strasbourg, France, we scheduled our train rides so we could stop over in Freiburg, Germany, for several hours. 

Freiburg Sign by Danalynn C

Freiburg is an interesting town because there are small canals running throughout the city which divert water from the Dreisam River.  These canals were used for water to fight fires and feed livestock, but currently serve as a way to cool the air during the summer as well as providing the nice sound of running water throughout the city.

Freiburg Street by Danalynn C

Chris and I enjoyed the architecture in Freiburg--the buildings had traditional Bavarian architecture but many of them used bright colors and ornate touches that helped give the entire town a cheerful atmosphere!  Visiting Freiburg was a great way to end our stay in Germany.

Frieburg Red building by Danalynn C
This red building is one of the iconic buildings in Freiburg 

Freiburg Gargoyle Church by Danalynn C
The cathedral is known for its wide variety of gargoyles around the outer perimeter of the church

Freiburg by Danalynn C
Murals decorated many of the walls 

Freiburg Statue by Danalynn C
We ate our lunch next to this statue in a small park

 Frieburg Book Sale by Danalynn C
Chris explored a book sale that was going on in the main square

Frieburg Square by Danalynn C
Here I am in the main square--the cathedral is on my left, the red building is on my right!

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