Exploring an Abandoned French Village

Wednesday, September 28, 2011  at 6:58 AM
The town that we are volunteering in used to be a bustling agricultural center, but is currently a small, forgotten little village.  Over half of the houses stand abandoned and many of the people living here have problems finding work.  There used to be quite a few shops and now everyone must go to a nearby town to buy even the most basic groceries.  As sad as this might seem, it has created a very interesting time-capsule town to explore!  Here are some of the interesting details from this town.

French Barn Heart Cutout by Danalynn C 
Cut-out heart detail on a barn door

French Lace Curtains by Danalynn C
Most of the abandoned houses still have lovely lace curtains

french pear trees by Danalynn C
An overladen pear tree behind an old house

French Old Peeling Paint Wall by Danalynn C
Faded peeling paint on one of the barn doors

French Old Water Pump by Danalynn C
An old water pump, long out of use

 French Old Door Handle by Danalynn C
An old door handle with the key in the lock

french old mairie town hall by Danalynn C
The town hall, boarded up and long out of use

french lace curtains by Danalynn C
The occupied houses have a distinct rustic charm

France Chien Mechant by Danalynn C
The "mean dog" that this sign warns against is long gone

French Rusty Window by Danalynn C
A rusty window shade

French Red Rose by Danalynn C
Abandoned roses have flourished
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