Destination: Coolangatta

Tuesday, September 20, 2011  at 6:58 AM
For this Destination:Home article, we are turning to Earl of Dare Me to Travel as he tells us about his home of Coolangatta, Australia!

Coolangatta Australia Beach

Where is home for you? 
 My last and favourite home for me is Coolangatta which is at the southern end of the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.

What is this place known for? 
It's mainly known for it's beaches, awesome surf and a relaxed atmosphere, your classic beachside Aussie town.

Which popular tourist destinations should I visit?
If you like amusement parks we have Wet and Wild Water Park, Seaworld and Movieworld all within half an hours drive. Springbrook mountains are pretty darn good if you like rainforest and waterfalls and are great to just chill out. If you like clubbing then Sufers Paradise is the place to go, but if you prefer a hippy/alt type set up then Byron Bay is just down the road and will be perfect for you. If you wanna see most of our animals in the one place then you must visit Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. You can check out my post about the Sanctuary here.

What should I do for the best non-traditional tourist experience?
Head down the road 10 minutes to Tweed Coast with a picnic packed and some extra large beach towels and spend the day on the beach, eating, drinking, swimming and, more than likely having the beach to yourself...

Is there one event that I shouldn’t miss?
The Coolangatta festival is pretty cool. It's usually in our autumn so it's not too hot and has plenty of live music, rides for the kids, good food and is just a really social time.

What kitschy souvenirs should I walk away with?
If you like kitschy, we have plenty!!! Mainly of the stuffed variety, you can get Koalas, Wallabies, Kookaburras, Emu's and lots of t-shirts with slogans like "i cuddled a Koala" on them.

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