Living in a Vintage Bus

Thursday, August 25, 2011  at 6:58 AM
No, Chris and I haven't decided to live in a bus--but Cherie and Chris (a different Chris!) from Technomadia have!  Lately I have been enjoying the blog Technomadia, where Cherie and Chris have been documenting their adventures of living as nomads since 2006.  They love living in an RV and lately have been working on their project of revamping a vintage bus, soon-to-be amazing mobile apartment.

I particularly enjoyed their post Nomadic ≠ Minimalist, where they discuss their nomadic lifestyle and how they have made that lifestyle work for them.  I love how technical their blog can be and how they don't balk at geeking out and showing how passionate (and knowledgeable!) they are about RVs, vintage buses, and serious DIY endeavors.  

Bug On Flower by Danalynn C
Taking a break while hiking in the Black Forest
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