Hand-Feeding Deer

Wednesday, August 31, 2011  at 6:58 AM
The town that we are volunteering in has the oddest attraction at its center--a huge, fenced field, home to a small herd of deer.  Furthermore, there is a small vending machine where you can buy boxes of 'approved deer food' to hand feed to these deer.  The deer are so used to this that whenever the money clinks into the machine, their ears prick up and they start sauntering towards the fence!  Of course, I had virtually limitless joy in feeding, petting and playing with these unusual domesticated animals.

stag closeup by Danalynn C
This was the first time I had ever been so close to a deer!

danalynn feeding deer by Danalynn C
Obviously this was an exciting experience for me.

Hand Feeding Deer by Danalynn C
This was our view of the deer as they eagerly ate the cracked corn and grains we fed them.

Petting a Deer by Danalynn C
They looked rather like overgrown stuffed animals, but they were real! 

Feeding Deer by Danalynn C
The deer came right up to the fence, which was fantastic.

family feeding deer by Danalynn C
This was obviously a popular family activity.

Closeup of a Deer Eating by Danalynn C
Ears perking up as more deer realized they were missing out on being fed. 
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