Featured Artist: David Scheirer

Tuesday, August 30, 2011  at 6:58 AM
Welcome to the latest installment of my Featured Artist series, where I share some of my favorite artists from around the world.   It's fun seeing the different ways people view the places they go! 

I admire the artwork of David Scheirer, who manages to create artwork that is both whimsical and breathtaking.  Working primarily with watercolors and India ink, he creates stunningly realistic watercolor paintings as well as quirky watercolor illustrations.  His love for the outdoors and for maritime scenery is expressed directly in his paintings.

I was able to interview David and find out a bit more about the behind the scenes process.

Sharks at Coral Reef by David Scheirer

Is your preliminary sketching process similar for your illustrations and for your realistic paintings?
     It’s funny, my preliminary sketches for the illustrations are much more involved. They look similar to the final pieces – I like to have all the different elements down on paper before I start. My sketches for my realistic paintings are very quick just to map out composition, often I don’t sketch at all. Not exactly sure why this is.

Puffin by David Scheirer

Do you travel at all?  If you do, is there a particular subject that you tend to paint while traveling?

     I do, it is very inspiring. I like to paint small objects I find when traveling – usually things found in nature like feathers, acorns, seaweed, plants, etc. I also recently got back into some landscape painting, after my visit to Maine this summer. I prefer painting small watercolors, which luckily lends itself well to travel.

Fishing Lures by David Scheirer

What is your favorite animal to draw?
     I recently started drawing some sharks, they are very fun. Owls are fairly annoying to draw (one of my favorite animals). I just began a project of 100 owl illustrations, maybe towards the end they will become easier.

(Note: You can see David's 100 owl illustration series here)
Owl Feathers by David Scheirer

Do you most enjoy sketching from your imagination, from a reference photo, or from life?  Which one do you do the most?
     I’m not opposed any of these methods, but I enjoy painting from life very much, and do so whenever possible. Drawing and doodling from my imagination is a nice change of pace. It can be a lot of fun – which I probably why I started drawing the more whimsical illustrations. 

Salmon and Bear by David Scheirer

Last, but certainly not least...

What is your favorite snack to eat while sketching?
     I’m partial to Graham crackers with peanut butter and chocolate milk.

Seals and Whale by David Scheirer

Thank you David for the lovely interview!  David's website, Studio Tuesday, is filled with plenty more illustrations for you to enjoy.

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