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Monday, August 29, 2011  at 6:58 AM
Written by: Chris Coulon
After much postponement and delay I have finally taken the time to put my packing list down in print.  Here is the collection of items that I have brought along on our trip to compliment what Danalynn already has in her own pack.

packing contents
Here are the contents of my pack before leaving the States

-          Quick-dry Travel Pants
-          Cargo Shorts
-          Long-sleeved shirts (3)—Two of these are synthetic quick-dry and light, the third is cotton so that I can soak it in water to keep me cool in hot places.
-          Wool socks both thick and thin (3)
-          Wool underpants (3)
-          Under Armor pants and shirt in case I get caught sleeping outside when it’s wet or to use as an additional thermal layer.
-          Hiking boots, light and comfortable for long distance hikes on dirt and concrete
-          Vibram five-fingers, very light and packable secondary shoes
-          Synthetic Sweatshirt (Mammut’s Ultimate Hoody)
-          Down Jacket

Camping Morocco
 One of my makeshift campsites on a roof in a Moroccan village, Atlas Mountains

Miscellaneous Items:
-          Down Sleeping bag, this is rated for cold temperatures in case we find ourselves outside in cold places.
-          Poncho, nylon cord in 4’ sections (5), Tent steaks (5).  This 5’X8’ poncho serves to cover me and my backpack in the rain but also can be used as a make-shift shelter.
-          Liquid Stove, Pot, lighter, spare stove parts and fuel.
-          Wide brimmed cowboy hat, this proved most useful during our HelpX work and especially on the Camino.
-          Decent sunglasses
-          Compass
-          Deodorant
-          1 Litre Water Bottle
-          3 Litre CamelBak, this is often not fully filled to save on weight but it is nice to have the option of carrying 4 litres of potable water at one time.
-          Journal and Two Pens
-          Shaving Razor
-          Toilette Paper
-          Toothbrush, Toothpaste and Floss
-          First-Aid Kit loaded with roller gauze, sterile gauze, band-aids of varying sizes and shapes including butterflies, Mole Skin, Anti-biotic paste, Ibprofen, Aspirin, tweezers, Bismuth Subsalicylate tablets, Loperamide pills, roll of athletic tape, 6’ of duct tape wrapped around a pencil, electrolyte tablets and disinfectant wipes.
-          Travel documents including Passport, Copy of Passport, Proof of Yellow Fever Vaccination, Two Credit Cards (visa and Mastercard), ATM Card, Student ID, Drivers license (as a secondary identification card).
-          4 Litre drysac for holding Kindle, Journal and important documents.
-          Bandana, this can be soaked in water and then worn in hot locations as well as a pre-filter for very turbid water and finally, it can become a makeshift cravat (triangular).
-          Sleeping pad, I used this quite a bit while camping in Morocco, Switzerland and the UK, but abandoned it in London because it made my backpack too large for carry-on luggage.

Down Sleeping Bag
 Kebba, one of my good friends, testing out my sleeping bag, Lugano Switzerland

-          Steri-pen.  This is a lightweight re-usable means to sterilize water, I have chosen a steri-pen that takes AA batteries so that they can be replaced anywhere in the world.
-          Headlamp also taking AA batteries.
-          Kindle loaded with over 400 books we would like to read.
-          Watch with an alarm clock.
-          Camera, battery charger and small screwdriver for dismantling/repairing camera.
-          Adapters for foreign outlets.

Laundry Day
 Laundry Day in the village of Imouzzer Marmoucha, Northern Morocco

After everything is packed and I am wearing one set of clothes and my boots, the dry weight of the bag is roughly 23lbs or 10kg and just fits the carry-on restrictions for most airlines, including Easyjet and RyanAir.  So far I have made use of everything that I packed, however some of the items are superfluous for most travelers.  These items include: Camping stove and its accessories, 0 degree sleeping bag as well as the tent stakes are some of my heaviest items and are unnecessary if you are not planning on camping.  If I were not planning to be in cold locations at any point I would pack a much smaller and lighter bag.  In addition, the Steri-pen is, for the most part, an unnecessary item if you are planning on being around stores as you can easily and cheaply purchase bottled water.

Thus far I have been very happy with what we’ve packed and if given the opportunity I would repack all the same items again.  We’ll see how we fare with our packing choices once we reach Africa! 
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