7 Things I Learned at a German Helpx

Wednesday, August 24, 2011  at 6:58 AM
Working as hotel staff in a guesthouse in Germany has taught me some interesting lessons.  Here are a few of the most memorable!

1. Cleaning hotel rooms is a surprisingly detail-oriented job.  If one smudge is left behind, the entire guest house can be viewed in a negative light!

2. The key to a shiny finish on ceramic or metal is to buff the surface with a dry cloth after cleaning it.  Buffing it will remove the wipe marks and leave a perfectly smooth surface.

3. Behind the calm exterior of a hotel is an eternally buzzing center--there is always something to do.

4. Even just one room can generate huge amounts of laundry; when many guests are leaving, running laundry alone can take all day!

5. Small businesses buy their products at the same places that regular people buy theirs.  There are not any  secret huge discount stores for businesses where food and cleaning supplies are sold for pennies!  (at least not in the Black Forest)

6. An English bed has an iron frame and one large mattress, while a German bed has a wooden frame and two smaller mattresses.  The wooden frame in a German bed is split down the middle, from head to food, and can clip together or can come apart to create two mirror image twin-sized beds (think 50s sitcom style beds).

7. Despite the business, there is always time for tea--whether it's breakfast tea, lunch tea, afternoon tea or evening tea! 

Black Forest Trees by Danalynn C
What's the Black Forest if not a whole lot of trees?
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