Wild Plum Trees

Monday, July 11, 2011  at 10:54 PM
Near to our Helpx farm, there is an empty old farmhouse with an orchard of plum trees behind it.  The house has been abandoned for several years now and as a result, the trees have expanded their territory to take over the empty land.  I have been making daily expeditions to pick bags of plums and I now have my favorite trees.  The branches are all heavy with fruit and I can fill my bag within minutes of starting to pick. 

Yellow Plums by Danalynn C
There is a huge variety of plums and even each tree tastes different!  These yellow ones have a distinct apricot taste, despite there being no apricots in the area.

Picking Plums by Danalynn C
I'm not kidding about picking bags full of plums--I have been taking full advantage of this free snack!
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