Watercolor Sketches of Chickens

Friday, July 15, 2011  at 6:58 AM
Chicken Watercolor by Danalynn C

There is a large chicken coop here and I have been inspired to sketch a variety of chickens.  These sketches were done in my Hand-Book sketchbook with watercolor, a waterbrush and my Pentel Pocketbrush.

Chicken Sketches by Danalynn C

In some of these sketches the black ink is getting rather scratchy, since it was time to change the cartridge.  I rather enjoy the additional texture, but it was a relief to have the smooth flow of ink with the new cartridge.

Chicken Sketch by Danalynn C

At this point, Chris made fun of my never-ending stream of chickens and told me that the sketchbook would end up filled only with chickens.  I was rather tickled by the idea, although my attention span is far too short to only draw chickens for 140 pages while surrounded with such a great variety of other subjects--French architecture, pretty flowers, perhaps some rocks? 

Rooster Watercolor by Danalynn C
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