Traveling to Our Helpx in France

Wednesday, July 6, 2011  at 6:58 AM
When Chris and I change locations from one place to another when traveling, it is usually a long adventure coupled with a hearty dose of uncomfortableness.  Our low priority for general comfort is added to our need to be as cheap as possible and we end up with our crazy travel plans.  Let's review how we arrived at our current Helpx location in rural Southern France. 

Church Lattice by Danalynn C
Inside of the closest church--it is very lovely!

10:30pm: Got out of the show Much Ado About Nothing in London, which was fantastic!

11:30pm: Arrived at our Couchsurf in London after walking back from the show.  We meandered back, it wasn't quite an hours walk.

12:00am: Left our Couchsurf location with all of our bags in tow after saying goodbye to our very nice host.

3:00am: Made it to our Easybus (cheap airport shuttle bus) stop in another part of London about 10 minutes before the bus arrived--we walked to the stop and it took about 3 full hours to do so.

4:00am: Easybus arrives at Gatwick Airport.

9:00am: Land in Toulouse, France, however the airport check-in, security and loading process has ensured that we were only able to sleep for about an hour on the plane.

9:30am: Bus drops us off at the train station in Toulouse.

12:30pm: Train arrives at a smaller town.

3:00pm: We took a small local bus from that town to another, smaller town with no train service, where we are getting picked up by our host.

3:30pm: We arrive at our Helpx location.

The very first thing I did was take a proper shower!

The Helpx location that Chris and I are at right now is quite lovely--we are surrounded by sunflower fields, beautiful old French farmhouses, plenty of greenery and a variety of animals.  This is the perfect change from London and many of the other big (or at least somewhat large) cities we find ourselves in.

France Church Outside by Danalynn C
The outside of the closest church.  Almost all of the buildings are made of this light, sandy stone and they are very pretty!
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