Sunflower Fields in Southern France

Friday, July 8, 2011  at 1:51 PM
I never really thought of the production process for sunflower seeds--in my mind, sunflowers that people grew in their backyards transformed magically into the packages of sunflower seeds I could buy in the grocery store.  Here in France, I am surrounded by fields of sunflowers.  Just like any other crop, patchwork squares of sunflowers alternate with crops of grapes and grains, and just like the other crops, the sunflowers will soon be harvested by a large combine.

Sunflower Close Up by Danalynn C
Soon they will be ready to eat!

Sunflower field by Danalynn C
I love how far the fields seem to extend.

Looking Up at Sunflower by Danalynn C
You can venture into the fields and, if you sit down, you will be completely invisible.  Looking up, all you can see is a variety of green vegetation and an edge of a flower peeking out from behind the leaves.
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