Last French Days

Wednesday, July 27, 2011  at 6:58 AM
I have been thoroughly enjoying my slow weeks at the farmhouse in Southern France.  Every day is a gentle routine of work, food and relaxation, which has been very satisfying, especially as Chris and I start to prepare for our next adventure (details coming soon!).  Almost every morning I get up and immediately take care of the dogs, cats and chickens.  This morning I spent some time observing the chickens in their run.  They are always so active in the mornings--insects to find, wings to stretch, pecking order to maintain!

Chickens in the Morning Animation 1 by Danalynn C

I am playing around with longer GIF animations, especially for short clips that do not loop well.  I liked each of these three clips individually, but on their own they did not work as animations--too choppy and jolting.  I think they work much better together to give an overall snapshot of the chicken run!

Click here if you want to learn how to make your own GIF animations.
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