Goodbye France, Hello Camino de Santiago!

Friday, July 29, 2011  at 6:58 AM
Right now, Chris and I are starting our next adventure--hiking the Camino de Santiago (or at least part of it).  This pilgrimage has been established for over 1000 years and ends in Santiago, Spain.  There is no set trail; Instead, the pilgrimage is said to start from your front door and follows the path that you take.  There are, however, several common routes to take.  Chris and I are starting in France and will be walking along northern Spain.

Shadow Wall France Animation by Danalynn C
Our last few days at our Helpx in France grow to a close.

I am pretty excited to start this long distance hike--we only have a very rough outline of a pace to keep and we won't be bothered if we don't complete the entire pilgrimage, so it should be a fun couple of weeks spent out of doors!  Neither Chris nor I speak much Spanish (Hasta la vista is almost the extent of my knowledge, thank you Schwarzenegger!) so we are anticipating a lot of broken phrases and pantomiming, which should be funny.

Updates should still proceed fairly regularly during this hike, so keep an eye out for our progress! 
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