A Broken Camera in France

Thursday, July 14, 2011  at 11:23 AM
Hammock Watercolor by Danalynn C
A sketch of Chris reading.  Without a camera, I resorted to massive amounts of sketching over the past two weeks.

Two weeks ago, our Canon S90 camera displayed the dreaded "Lens Error, Restart Camera" error.  Not having been dropped, this was probably caused by dust or sand particles jamming up the internal gears.  The repair process went something like this:

Day 1: Google like mad, try the basic self-help repairs, which yielded absolutely no change.

Day 4: Call Canon (was previously closed over Independence Day weekend), only to find that the wait time would be over 40 minutes.  Sent in an email explaining the problem in great detail.

Day 5: Receive stock email back from Canon with general information about my problem.  Realize that the camera is two weeks past the warranty period.

Day 7: After much searching about, find that there is no camera repair shop remotely close to where Chris and I are currently located.  We decide to fix it ourselves but realize that we do not have a small enough screwdriver.

Day 8: We manage to get almost all of the outer screws out using a combination of Exacto Knife Blades, needles, and force of will.  One screw remains and will not budge.  In this process, part of the camera has broken.  We hope it's not vital.

Day 11: We go in to town, but the construction store does not have a small enough screwdriver.

Day 13: We go into town again to run errands and see a possible shop as we are driving past it.  After ducking in, we find a set of micro-screwdrivers!  Success!

Day 14:  The smallest micro-screwdriver works.  The next layer of screws, however, have become stripped.  In exasperation, Chris busts out a power drill to remove these screws.

Day 15: The camera is completely reassembled and works!  The broken part of the camera only affected one function and it was NOT vital to the overall camera health.

Look forward to plenty of photos in the upcoming week as I celebrate the return of the camera!  Just in time, too, as I had just ran out of stockpiled photos from the days right before the camera broke. 
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