Odd Sights in Thailand

Monday, June 6, 2011  at 6:58 AM
These unusual sights in Thailand made me smile.

Thailand Sunken Boat Dock by Danalynn C
Rather than move the sunken boat, other boats merely used it as an extension of the dock!

Thailand watering flowers by Danalynn C
A gardener enthusiastically watering all of the plants, regardless of the current light rain and the torrential downpour earlier in the day.

Thailand food market by Danalynn C
The interesting and unusual (to me!) food in the markets.

Thailand wedding dresses by Danalynn C
There were literally wedding dress shops on every street, often multiple per street.  How they all stayed in business, I have no idea!

Thailand bunnies by Danalynn C
There is an entire section of the Chatuchak weekly market in Bangkok devoted to animals and their accessories.  While some of the animals weren't happy, these bunnies seemed fairly content.  They were tennis-ball sized whisps of fluff, so I was pretty excited to see them!

Thailand Chinatown by Danalynn C
I thought it was pretty awesome that I could travel around the world and cities would still have a distinct Chinatown district.

Thailand computer store by Danalynn C
Because of the heat and humidity, almost everything was rusting in this electronics store.

Lychee and Longan Fruit by Danalynn C
I went crazy for all of the ripe fruit in the area--I love lychee and longan fruit!
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