How to Adjust Color-Specific Saturation in GIMP

Thursday, June 23, 2011  at 6:58 AM
Learn to control saturation for specific colors!  Want to make the green fields jump off the page, but you don't want the red dirt to be color-saturated as well?  This tutorial will show you how.  Welcome to the tenth article in my Photography Editing in GIMP series!

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These tutorials use the free photo-editing program GIMP.  I am not being paid to endorse GIMP--I just really like it!

Control What Colors Are Enhanced

Take your photos from this:

Saturation Before

to this:

Village in Morocco by Danalynn C

Step 1: Open your photo in GIMP and under the Colors tab click on Hue-Saturation.

Village in Morocco by Danalynn C

Step 2: If you try to increase the overall concentration, the clay walls become much too yellow.

Bad Saturation by Danalynn C

To choose what colors you want to be saturated, use the color wheel above the sliders.  Click the dot next to the color of choice (here, blue) and then when you use the saturation slider it will only control the saturation for that color. 

Village in Morocco GIMP Tutorial by Danalynn C

Step 3: You can make changes to the saturation of multiple different colors if you like, you do not even have to close the dialogue box in between.  If you ever want to control the saturation of all the colors, as you started, just click on the Master button.  In this photo, I increased the saturation of blue, cerulean (light blue) and red.

Village in Morocco GIMP Tutorial by Danalynn C

Step 4: If you open the Curves dialogue box, under the drop down Channel menu (it defaults to Value) you can select the different colors and control them via the Curves graph instead of controlling the overall saturation of the color by the slider only.

Village in Morocco GIMP Tutorial by Danalynn C

Step 5: Save your final image with increased saturation of select colors.

Village in Morocco GIMP Tutorial by Danalynn C
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