A Girl Nomad's Packing List

Friday, June 10, 2011  at 6:58 AM
 See what a girl nomad packs in her backpack for over a year of travel!

Everything in a nomad's backpack by Danalynn C

Note: This list includes what I will be wearing, so my backpack will not be holding all of these items as once.  Also, Chris has already taken some of our shared items (camera, stove, etc), so I luckily don't have to carry those!  Finally, this list isn't exhaustive--there are some items that I am bringing that do not appear on this list.

Travel pants (Prana quick dry)
Long base layer pants
Long sleeve shirt
Travel t-shirts (not cotton) (2)
Down coat
Waterproof jacket shell
Microfleece jacket
Wool socks
Hiking boots
Vibram Five Finger shoes
Ballet flats (I actually just replaced these with a pair of ballet flat sandals--good for nice occasions and still breezy for warm weather)

(Miscellaneous) Very Important Items:
Sleeping bag
32 oz. Nalgene
Art Supply Bag (to see what is inside this bag, look at my Travel Art Supplies post!)
Travel/Bank Documents + Copies

Laptop + Neoprene sleeve + Drysac
Laptop charger
External hard drive
Head lamp
Ipod Shuffle
Bag of Toiletries (this all fits in one small bag):
Sunscreen (travel sized)
Moisturizer (travel sized)
Toothbrush (travel sized)
Toothpaste (travel sized)
Deodorant (travel sized)
Conditioner (travel sized)
Nail File
Medication/Sea Bands (for motion sickness)
Nuun(electrolyte tablets)
Hair bands
Hair clips
Bobby pins
Ear plugs
Eye mask
Nail Scissors
Small loofah
Travel towel
(yes, all of this will fit in one small bag!)

Generally Useful Items
Needle and Thread
Duct tape (small amount, wrapped around the sharpie)
Sil poncho (waterproof poncho that can be staked out to function as a basic tent)

Everything in a nomad's backpack closeup by Danalynn C

Generally, I am happy with what I am bringing.  I am counting on a bit of shuffling around of items at the beginning, and I am guessing that I will toss my makeup and ballet flats after the summer (none of these items are new, so I won't care too much!), but I think I have a fairly good spread of items.  As I revise this list and start to pack in the next few weeks, I may shuffle around some items or trim down some weight (today was the day to slim down my tubby little art supply container!). 

Here's to hoping that my pack won't be too heavy when I'm carrying it around all day!
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