What We Did With All Our Stuff

Friday, May 20, 2011  at 7:00 AM
Ivy on a Tree
A dewy morning in Seattle.

Stuff.  I collected it, I enjoyed it, I was given it as gifts, I stored it, I moved it, and now I'm dealing with it.

I never actually realized how much stuff I had!  I have moved at least once a year for the past five years, so I assumed that my belongings must be pared down at this point...but that was not the case.  Here is what we did with all of our worldly possessions in the months leading up to our departure dates:

Sold via Craiglist: All of our big-ticket items (plus anything we thought we could sell for a decent amount of money).  This includes our cars, motorcycle, computers and a few odds and ends.

Sold via consignment shop: As Chris has pointed out to me, time and time again, my fashion tastes tend to change from season to season, so I took the chance to clear out everything that I didn't think I would love after a year or more.  Anything that had a chance at being sold was brought to Plato's Closet in the effort to get at least a bit of money out of it.  (chances were that the items were originally from a thrift shop anyways)

Put in storage: We were lucky enough to get free storage from family, so we were able to store items that would either be impossible to replace, such as photo albums and homemade quilts, or that we would want eventually when settling into a fixed-location home, such as dishes, kitchen appliances and artwork.  Since we are planning on settling down eventually, we did not go whole-hog and get rid of everything as many starting nomads do.

Gave to friends: My house plants went to family and friends, our cat went to my mother, various items were given to people who could use them.

Donate to the Goodwill: Pretty much everything else.  This ended up being a LOT of stuff, mainly clothing and items I held on to 'in case it would be useful' (which of course it never was). 

It feels great to know that soon pretty much everything I own will be within arms reach and could be grabbed at a moment's notice!
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