Snapshots of Blue in Venice

Monday, May 23, 2011  at 7:00 AM
When I was in Venice, I was struck by how much color was everywhere.  Vibrant yellows, oranges, reds and teals popped out of every corner.  Growing up in a rainy gray and green city, this was unexpected and fun!  The color that grabbed at my attention the most, however, was this distinct robins-egg-blue that appeared time and time again throughout Venice.

Fierce Cat Sign in Venice by Danalynn C

 My favorite photo from Venice. I love the sign--Caution! Fierce cat!--and I love the colors.

Venice Green Door by Danalynn C

Everything is crumbling in Venice.  The buildings all lean against each other as bits and pieces flake off into the canals, the stone underfoot is worn smooth and the steps are eroding. 
Venice Blue Boat by Danalynn C

Every family has some sort of boat.  When I was there, often when wondering around I would end up in a dead end or cross a bridge that would go nowhere--I didn't have a boat, so automatically half of the streets were inaccessible to me! 

Blue House in Venice by Danalynn C
The houses were brightly colored, different colors for each house.

Venice Gondola by Danalynn C
The gondolas were fantastically ornate!
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