A Nomad's Travel Philosophy

Friday, May 27, 2011  at 7:00 AM
In my last article about my first travel experiences, I told some stories about how I started travelingNow, as a traveling girl nomad, here is how I regard life in transit.

Cross Country Ski Tracks by Danalynn C
Beautiful cross country skiing weather this winter in Washington State.

How my first travels defined my travel philosophy

1. Be prepared for unexpected unhappy events, and then deal with them.  They will happen.  You can do your best to prevent them, but the only part you really have control over is how you react to them.

2. You can deal with unusual situations. This is similar to the first point, but is not necessarily referring to unhappy events.  Like it or not, if you are in an unfamiliar situation with no easy-out, you will have to find a way to deal because you can only depend on yourself. If you give yourself the power and resolve this issue, you will feel more confident next time you find yourself in an unusual position because you realize that you will be able to handle it (even if it is completely different than the last situation!).

3. Travel as cheaply as possible.  Not only will you save money (leading to more travel!), but you will create intensely vivid memories.  Telling stories about that time I stayed in a hotel in France?  Meh.  Not super exciting.  Telling stories about the time when I ran out of money and had to sleep outdoors in Switzerland, in the winter?  Better.

4. Stay with the locals, try to act as a local.  This experience marked my first time traveling with a Couchsurfing mentality as Chris and I stayed with an old French friend in France (a friend from my High School trip to France) who was able to host us and show us around as a local.  Acting as a local is cheaper, plus it gives a more authentic taste of the culture.

5. Novel is exciting.  New experiences force you to expand your brain to accommodate them, and you will discover ideas that you thought impossible.
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